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Hot Tub

Done a great job on our hot tub working like a dream and sparkling clean thanks again David
Eric C

Swimming pool maintenance that exceeded my expectations.

Before Dave and Len took over the maintenance of my pool, following a disastrous experience with the company that had installed and maintained it, I had decided to close it down permanently. It smelled excessively of chlorine, the heat recovery system was so noisy that it was necessary to raise one’s voice to be heard above it, and heating it was very expensive.

Dave and Len have improved every aspect of my pool. They corrected the chemical balance so that the chlorine smell is no longer obtrusive, they changed the heat recovery unit to a quieter and more productive model, and installed air source heat pumps that are both more efficient, cheaper to run, and much lower maintenance than my previous system. My pool room is now a pleasant and relaxing place to be, and I don’t have to worry about huge heating bills.

Pauline T