Swimming pool heating system service in Wirral

Swimming Pool Maintenance & Heating Installations based on
the Wirral provides swimming pool heating and
maintenance services to customers in Chester and Manchester.
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Trusted swimming pool company

Swimming Pool Maintenance & Heating Installations is a well-established swimming pool maintenance company. We offer pool maintenance and repair services at fantastic prices. We have been in this business for around 40 years. You can expect to receive tailored and premium swimming pool services from us. We have been able to built a stellar reputation for our outstanding results and excellent customer relationships. We also provide a range of heating system solutions to domestic customers in Wirral, Chester and Manchester. Get in touch with our team for more information.

Swimming pool

Swimming pool

Bio-mass boilers

Central heating

Pool management services

You can count on us to provide you with pool maintenance and water treatment service that are customised to suit your requirements. Our team of professionals can also supply all the necessary chemicals to ensure your pool is clean and free from harmful bacteria.

Heat pump

We specialise in installing energy-efficient heat pumps for your swimming pools at excellent prices. Our systems are designed as a cost-effective heating alternative to conventional boilers. Furthermore, they are more efficient than solar heaters as these systems can deliver heat regardless of external factors such as cloudy weather or at night. Our experts can also help in decision-making by providing you with unbiased advice on the right type of heat pumps for your needs.

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